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Domestic Dreams

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Another Trip To The Spice Cupboard

Laura always looked this way at her Husband every time she was sent to the spice cupboard to fetch the Spanking Stick. Her hopeful pleading look of “do you really have to spank me” never failed to almost melt her Husband’s heart to the point of changing his mind. Even more so as he looked upon her womanly charms that enhanced her natural bewitching beauty.

As one can surmise, just a few moments ago Laura and her Husband were engaged in the intimate weekend afternoon dance of a young married couple. Laura’s Husband was enjoying the sorcery of slowly unveiling Laura’s loveliness when the unfortunate phone call was answered.

A skillfully examination of Laura revealed she had indeed exercised poor judgement yesterday. Yet Laura’s forthright answers affirmed that she was neither willful or intentional in her disobedience. Even the light Spanking Stick seemed a bit much given her error but Laura’s Husband knew Laura had crossed a threshold and spanking was required.

Laura’s Husband resumed his place of marital authority when he sat down upon the Spanking Chair. He watched Laura bring the Spanking Stick to him and nervously offer the handle to his waiting hand. Laura’s Husband took solace in the fact that it wouldn’t be long before he would be enjoying Laura’s charms as before, the differences being that Laura’s bottom would radiate with significantly more colour, her passion would be similarly inflamed and she would certainly remember the lesson her Husband taught her well beyond this afternoon.